Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is all you need

So day 2 of the Lent challenge which comes from the Stewardship organisation, The tag line is, 'encouraging you to do Lent generously'. And the challenge for today is of course about, love. What would the greetings card industry do without Valentine's day?  And today I actually got it right!! Making the first cuppa of the day I hear a scream from upstairs as my wife opens my lovingly chosen £1.90 card from M&S and realises that she has failed to get me one. No problem, surely love is about giving not getting (hear endeth the pious lesson of the day).

So love. How can I 'do Lent generously today? An opportunity quickly comes my way as I park my car in town and notice a rather dishevelled and gaunt looking, hooded lad waiting, indeed loitering on the pavement. Here goes and with £2 pounds of cash ready in my hand I approach him and ask gently, "Are you short of cash mate"? "Nah, it's ok buddy, I'm just waiting for my mate to take me to work."
Oh well, that'll teach me for making instant assumptions (I guess I'm not alone here).

"Anyway thanks for the offer mate."

Yea, it's the thought that counts. Ahh.
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