Thursday, 15 November 2012

Active Listening

As a GP it's vitally important that I master the skill of listening. So here's a snappy little video from the people


In his excellent book, Two Minute Talks to Improve Psychological and Behavioural Health, John Clabby, advises that we need, 'a genuine commitment to listen with an interpersonal comportment that reflects this'. To that end he advises counsellors, doctors etc to...

Active listening, where the advisor energetically paraphrases the client's thoughts and feelings, demonstrating that listening and not merely hearing is going on.
Posture, which is such that the advisor is also seated, relaxed, directly facing the client, perhaps leaning in, and the muscular comportment is steady and calm.
Language used, which is in everyday language, free of jargon, and in a quantity that allows for the majority of the words in a dialogue balloon to belong to the client.
Use of the eyes, which is such that the advisor, to the extent that it is culturally appropriate, listens with their eyes, and looks directly,  respectfully and mutually comfortably at the client.
Sound of the voice, where the voice tone is used like a musical instrument to convey a full range of compassionate-sounding to a business-like tone, based on the current need.

Yep, that's APLUS to help us remember

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