Friday, 3 August 2012

All is potentially redeemable

In our home group the other evening we discussed the poem, Lord purge our eyes by Christina Rosetti , which I blogged a couple of days ago. We spoke of how we must see others around us with new eyes, however 'lost' they may appear to be.  Cornelius Plantinga puts it rather more eloquently,
'The original goodness of creation implies that all of it, including any human being we meet, is potentially redeemable. Just as a banged up, badly repaired, out of tune, Stradivarius would still be unmistakable to a trained eye and ear, so everything made by God retains at least some part of its goodness and promise. This is true of polluted forest streams and it's also true of polluted minds and hearts.'  Engaging God's world by Cornelius Plantinga.
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