Saturday, 16 June 2012

Carolyn of Holkham

Robin of Sherwood, Anne of Cleeves and now Carolyn of Holkham.

Biddy and I enjoyed a lovely time a couple of days when we went up to North Norfolk for the day. Walking through the grounds of Holkham Hall we came to a gatehouse on the west side. And there was the most beautiful cottage garden being lovingly tended by Carolyn  (and her black lab, whose name I failed to enquire of!).

She had only moved in with her forester husband one year ago and had created the most beautiful display of poppies, foxgloves and lupins amongst others. There is something so special about these simple colourful flowers which brings joy to your heart.

We were heading out to Holkham beach which is surely one of the most exhilarating coastal stretches in England. Always windy and yet never failing to clear the proverbial cobwebs in the most satisfying way.

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A message from the other side

No, not that side! But thank God got through surgery ok yesterday. And thanks to all for love support and prayer.