Friday, 13 January 2012

John Stott memorial

St Pauls today in the sun,
from the Millenium bridge.
It was a real privilege to be at the John Stott memorial service in St Pauls's cathedral today. A beautiful and grand setting for a humble and yet hugely influential Christian believer and teacher. I found the service very touching and felt really quite moved in many parts of it.

From Mark Green's passionate challenge to continue the vision of John Stott to integrate faith and work and to be salt and light in society, to the tributes from representatives of South America, Asia and Africa, and the beautiful rendition of Make me a channel of your peace, and to the stirring words of Timothy Dudley-Smith. It was impressive.

Dudley Smith is no spring chicken at 85 years, but he spoke clearly and boldly of the need for faithfulness to the gospel and of witness to Christ as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. We had great seats and singing the last hymn, Lord for the years your love and kept and guided, and looking down from our seats in the balcony on Dudley-Smith the author of that hymn, and Michael Baughen, the composer of the tune, was just great. I felt inspired by these senior believers to live my Christian life wholeheartedly for whatever time is left to me.

Interestingly one of my heroes, Tim Keller gave this address at the memorial in the US to John Stott. 

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