Monday, 28 November 2011

Leonardo,queuing and a surprise

Day off today so thought I'd take a chance at seeing the amazingly popular Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in London. I had been slightly scared off by the exorbitant prices of tickets on ebay and the prospect of a long wait and an unsuccessful outcome. But so glad. I made the effort.

Firstly the queuing experience was remarkably enjoyable! I arrived at 9am and didn't get my tickets till 12.05-and that for a timed entry at 2.30pm!! But the company around me just made the time fly by.

Firstly there was Chris. he was there when I arrived and was rather gently remonstrating with a 'queuing official'. "You've no idea how angry I am", he repeated several times. The dear chap had got up at 4 am, or was it 3am? and caught the bus from Bristol. He knew he would que but didn't realise it would be for a timed ticket for later in the day. Having offloaded on the official he then phoned his wife and repeated that she had no idea how angry he was.  I couldn't help but comment to him that for someone unspeakably angry he seemed very calm. "not on the inside" he corrected me. He proved to be a splendid que companion.

And then there was Nic and Trixie (or was it Tilly-oops so sorry). Now they were great fun and put up with endless stories from me. I must have bored them to death. But they kept coming back for more-or rather once they had started queuing there was no escape for them. Nic does 'something in IT' and Trixie is a hospice nurse. I've got a lot of time for the hospice movement and I'm sure she does a fantastic job. She also has real gravitas. At one point after we had been queuing for over 2 hours she formally announced that here feet were now 'officially cold'. I'd never quite thought of things like that before.

And Leonardo? Yep impressive. He loved human beings and to paint the human form and grapple with displaying the emotions. The surprise? I think I enjoyed the queuing as much as the exhibition! My dear daughters already think I'm odd and if they read that last sentence it will confirm their diagnosis. But real live human beings are certainly as interesting as the Leonardo's drawings and paintings

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A message from the other side

No, not that side! But thank God got through surgery ok yesterday. And thanks to all for love support and prayer.