Monday, 21 November 2011

Lady Gaga and Children in Need

So far the BBC Children in Need campaign has raised more than £26 million. That is just wonderful. However I wouldn't judge the entire enterprise quite so positively.

Last week as part of it's Children in  Need broadcasting there was  a concert from Manchester with Lady Gaga first up immediately after 8pm performing with her troupe of superfit dancers. She is some performer. But sadly it just seemed so inappropriate before the agreed 9pm watershed. It was typically erotic and sensual and so very sadly unsuitable for the many thousands (millions) of very young girls and boys who were no doubt watching.

Most of our culture bemoans the over-sexualising of young girls. The 'growing up too quickly' that most parents regret.  As a family doctor I'm all too aware of young teenage girls and boys and the increasing incidence of chlamydia infections (with potential long term consequences of infertility),  eating disorders, and self harm.

I'm afraid I believe that the BBC is horribly hypocritical in raising money for the needy children and young people whom they are partly responsible for creating. Is there is a proven link between young children watching erotic performances and emotional and sexual unhappiness through their teens? I can't pretend to know whether the academic study has been done, but such broadcasting surely does not help.

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