Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rugby and Rembrandt

Part of the enjoyment of watching rugby on the tv is to listen to insightful commentary from the likes of Brian Moore. Alas ITV has gone for Phil Vikery for the World Cup matches. He's truly useless. I'm glad that a Telegraph writer feels the same,
'Now. Vickery, it scarcely needs to be said, was not selected as one of ITV’s expert rugby analysts on the basis of his devastating acuity. He’s a World Cup winner, a national hero and hugely experienced. And as he showed during England v Argentina on Saturday morning, he tells it like he sees it: Nick Mullins: “What’s going on in that scrum?”
                    Vickery: “I don’t know.”

                    If the art of commentary is silence, Vickery is its Rembrandt.
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