Thursday, 28 July 2011

John Stott 1921-2011

Like thousands of other Christians I owe a massive debt to John Stott who died yesterday at the age of 90 years. His books have been pivotal in my life as has his clear, Biblical preaching.

Just 6 years ago he gave a compelling talk in New York reflecting on his long life and ministry. Asked what would he do differently if he were to have life over again, 'I would pray more and do less', came his gracious response. It's a salutary thought for those of us always keen to be on the go 'accomplishing things'.

His book The Cross of Christ had a profound effect upon me, but so many others have proved helpful at different times. Christinas are reading less and less, but I hope that just as the sad and untimely death of Amy Whinehouse has lead to a surge in buying her recordings, so there may be a similar level of interest in the books of this gracious, thoughtful Christian leader and preacher.

For an obituary from Christianity Today read here.
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