Monday, 11 July 2011

I guess that's why they call it the blues?

Why do women get blue fingers? No not of the Raynaud's phenomenon variety, but those pesky single digit, blue finger tips which just arise out of the blue (woops) and last for about 72 hours and then get better.

I'd seen a few over the years and eventually did a bit of research and eventually found this article in a 1982 edition of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery which explained all...
A previously undescribed syndrome affecting the fingers of women is presented...the syndrome is of no clinical significance to the patient, but it is important for clinicians to be aware of it because the acute phase can cause anxiety, suggesting more serious vascular the rest here
An acute blue finger (ok, thumb)
Here's one of my practice nurses (or at least a small piece of her) just the other day. Interestingly she also practises reflexology so I guess there is a ready explanation in the repeated trauma. Still it was good to be able to point her to the relevant article which provides a rather more erudite explanation than me simply saying, 'I've seen it before and it just happens!'

Much of what we see in general practice doesn't neatly fit in with textbooks, but when there is something objective one can turn to (the BMJ or the Daily Mail-the latter according to my sister) it does provide extra reassuring and convincing power.

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