Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Walking round the neighbourhood

I only live a 20 minute walk from the town centre but more often than not take the car-usually justified by the need to carry shopping home. But I'm that the other day I walked.

Coming back along the close where I live I saw one of my near neighbours in his garden. I stopped and chatted and he told me that a very close friend of his young son had been killed in a road accident just days before.  It was a terrible blow for this young lad and of course for the family of the dear girl who had so tragically been killed.

Amongst other thoughts that struck me as I walked the few years to my own house was the fact that I would have probably never heard about this sad news had I not walked past  my neighbour's house. And more than that I wouldn't have able to share in some small way in the grief of this family.

Neighbourliness is underrated as contributing to our health and well-being and in turn is reduced by our dependance upon cars and the short dash from our front doors to our car doors, which provides no opportunity for interaction with others.

With growing concern over the fate of the planet, here's another reason to try to reduce car journeys. Walking around your neighbourhood increases community which in turn contributes to well being. I guess that's what adds to benefit dog walking. It's not rocket science. Those feet wee indeed made for walking.
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