Monday, 19 July 2010

Aunty Gwen 100 hundred years not out

Last week my Aunty Gwen was 100 years old.  She still  lives alone in her little bungalow and her neighbours kindly put on a street party for her-it was lovely. Here she is enjoying the party.
Doesn't look bad does she?

Life is very precious and a long life is a great gift. Although of course for many ageing is quite a challenge and caring for an ageing relative can be very wearing. And then, sadly many die 'prematurely'. This current life can have many joys, but ultimately in 'ageless' universe,  it's just so short, 

I'm so relieved that the resurrection of Jesus gives me great hope of a renewed world, expressed in the timeless words of the book of Revelation (from the King James version) chapter 21
 Tom Wright  (currently Bishop of Durham) is a fine theologian and speaks and writes helpfully on the resurrection. It's not as unbelievable as you may think. Take a look at this very short video

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