Friday, 16 April 2010

"You're not as miserable as you were"

beginning to realise that patients really are a rich source of lyrics for a new country and western song. Today's gem came from a wife accompanying her husband to the consultation. I had prescribed a Prozac type anti-depressant drug some 4 weeks previously and this was the follow up. She spoke first and pronounced the improvement in terms of reduced miserableness.

As many doctors know there is always some significance in the patient who is accompanied by a spouse (or the 40 year old man accompanied by his mother). Whether it be, 'just making sure he tells you everything' , or an attempt to gang up on the doctor to get something done, there is extra care needed in conducting such consultations. In the current case I think it was a case of genuine concern and a wish for speedy recovery of a husband who had become increasingly morose and lacking in energy.

It did remind me of how the patient treated with the anti-depressant often fails to notice progress until after close friends and family have seen a positive change. So the accompanied patient need not necessarily be too daunting-it might be of some real help.
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