Tuesday, 2 March 2010


'It's healthier to eat chocolate cake with a friend than eat broccoli on your own'

I came across this phrase in a medical textbook in the section, 'How to help patients feel less lonely'. It seems an eminently sensible comment and i think is borne out in practice. Indeed the same textbook gives a reference to the fact that unconnected people are more likely to develop dementia (and die) sooner.

Its on my mind because the church family I belong to had a 'hospitality Sunday' last weekend. To it's credit the church is very hospitable at the best of times, thanks to the great example of our senior pastor, Ray Evans. But this Sunday a special effort was made to bring people together and to host people for Sunday lunch who perhaps you wouldn't normally get the chance to meet..

My wife and I had a fabulous time being hosted by a delightful Jamaican family who treated us to a great lunch of blended traditional English and Caribbean food. It was delicious.

Being part of a church family is good for your health! Hospitality is such an important them in scripture. Writer Lauren Winner has a good chapter on the subject in Mud House Sabbath-you can read an excerpt

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A message from the other side

No, not that side! But thank God got through surgery ok yesterday. And thanks to all for love support and prayer.