Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Preacher with a brain tumour-2

Back in December I mentioned Matt Chandler from Texas. A 35 year old pastor facing up to a brain tumour. He has recorded short youtube videos throughout his first few months of chemo and radiotherpay. Apart from watching a young pastor who has a very young family grapple with having both a tumour and a living faith, it's instructive for doctors like me to 'learn from the patient' on their cancer journey
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Real Van Gogh

There's a brilliant exhibition on at the Royal Academy of Art in London's Piccadilly. If you get the chance catch it before if finishes April 18th.
It mainly features some of his letters written to his brother Theo-often containing explanations of his paintings-with quick sketches within the letter of proposed paintings. It's a rare chance to see some of these letters and so many paintings in one place in the UK.
It's very moving to realise his concern for the 'working poor' in the early part of his life when he lived in Belgium-when he was considering going into the Christian ministry. Some of his paintings of people working the fields have amazing vividness although painted with such subdued colours compared to his later work.
How sad to think he had such a short life and died from suicide when only 37 years old.

The Art of General Practice

So my wee book, The Art of General Practice on soft skills for GPs is finally published today. The publishers bumpf on the back is mostly ...