Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happiness is a thing called...

In the first weekend of 2010 The Times ran an article on what makes us happy-short entries by seven of their feature writers. They told us about sex, champagne, work and Prozac. But as Simon Barnes,one of my favourite journalists pointed out in the Times this past weekend, 'no-one mentioned the natural world'. Indeed he goes on, 'how could any survey of happiness not include the natural world? We are not being honest with ourselves if we don't include wildness on the list of things that make us happy'.

Perhaps our culture's obsession with technology and passive entertainment all contribute to our low showing on all objective measures of happiness. Take a look of psychologist Oliver James book Affluenza fo the evidence.

It was William Cowper the poet from Olney who told us..
'God made the contry
and man made the town'

1785 The Task

Thank God there still is a countryside to enjoy.Thank God for the National Trust and RSPB and others like them They're not perfect organisations but they remind us that 'the heavens declare the glory of God'.

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