Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Psalm 19 has an apparent abrupt transition from encouraging us all to see the 'grandeur of God in the heavens' to recognising that seeing God in nature is only partial and can even be misleading-just like communicating without words can be. At a recent karting day for a few of us guys my team kept waving in one of our members for a change over-he claims that we were waving him on and so just kept going!

So verses 7-11 tells us that to really know God (and indeed to know ourselves) we need the 'law of the Lord'-in other words we need the words of scripture, the Bible. It's a beautiful little passage and I just want to mention one aspect of scripture now-the ability it has to 'warn' us ("by them is your servant warned" V11). The Bible gives us a certain ability to foresee the future or rather the consequences of words and actions now for the future.

I was reminded of this whilst watching an extraordinary film made by a school in Wales to emphasize the dangers of texting whilst driving-it's up on the BBC website now-watch it and weep.

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