Friday, 20 November 2009

Secret Faults again!

I love reading John Newton's letters and learning form them. He had great self awareness as a Christian, but also a great trust in Christ-so that his self knowledge did not paralyse him.

'I sometimes compare my words to the treble of an instrument, which my thoughts accompany with a kind of bass, or rather anti-bass, in which every rule of harmony is broken, every possible combination of discord and confusion in introduced, utterly inconsistent with, and contrdictory to the intended melody....By men theupper part only is heard; and small cause there is for self-congratulation, if they should happen to comment, when conscience tells me they would be struck with astonioshment and abhorence could they hear the whole'

At the end that particular letter, 'But though my disease is greivous, it is not desparate; I have a gracious and infallable Physician'.

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