Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Restraining grace

Paul Tripp has some very helpful-if rather challenging- things to say about the power of sin in our lives. Nobody likes talking about sin, whether we are a convinced atheist or an overly introspective Christian-or one of the many shades between. Nonetheless it's important to appreciate some of what the Bible teaches about it since it provides an essential backdrop to why we so very much need the Christian gospel of salvation. Don't let my jargon put you off, read on...

'sin is so pervasive and so comprehensive that it influences everything we do and everything we causes us to place ourselves at the centre of our universe. Sin causes us to set up our own little kingdom of one, where our desire is the functional law of the land. And as little kings we want to co-opt the people around us into the service of our kingdom purposes.'

It's not a pretty picture but alas it's eminently verifiable in experience (or as the medical scientists say these days, it's evidence based!). Tripp goes on to say, 'every situation, location and relationship you're in every day is made livable and tolerable by his grace. Every day God keeps us from being as wicked as we have the potential to be.'

This is taken from his excellent book of 52 short chapters from Psalm 27.


Bruce said...

Links work and links worth looking at esp. Paul Tripp – my, he's been around the block; Methodist, Presbyterian and a selection of Baptist churches! Even so a website worth looking at.
Even your content was readable (!)albeit initially you charge into the subject of 'sin' expecting folk to accept it even exists! But your momentum carries one past this obstacle and we get some common sense!

Walking with giants said...

Thanks Bruce

Paul Tripp is well worth listening to/reading. Very practical (he's a clinical psychologist!) and gospel centered theological. Lots of good free stuff to listen to on his web site.
You can read the whole of his piece in which he talks about restraining grace o his blog-it's the entry for March 2008

Walking with giants said...

I should say his blog is to be found at's the entry for March 5th 2008!

A message from the other side

No, not that side! But thank God got through surgery ok yesterday. And thanks to all for love support and prayer.